Royal Massage on 291 Highway in Independence


By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling Phone during business hours.  Our last appointment time is 9:30pm 



Special Events & Private Parties

We can reserve a group of time for just you and your friends.  What better way to celebrate an up coming wedding or event with friends.  

Call us, we can discuss what you want and set the date.


Foot Massage

Windows to better Health

The Chinese believe the your health is reflected in the soles of your feet.

According to Chinese Medicine, the foot is, in fact, a separate body, which is directly related to all of our body parts and organs.  By massaging a section of the foot, the corresponding body area receives specific therapeutic treatment. Foot massage can also be used to relieve internal discomfort, and relax your body.

By stimulating one or a combination of areas of the feet, you will in turn be massaging the corresponding body muscles and organs.

Cai Bei Massage

Back Walking

Our Cai Bei blends ancient Chinese techniques with modern western massage procedures, the therapist balances and supports herself on a long bar hanging from the ceiling, and uses her center of gravity to deliver as much pressure as you like


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